May 02, 2010

Pirate Birthday!

Last week we had a Pirate Treasure birthday party for Caleb. It was a simple party but turned out to be a lot of fun for all the kids.
I decorated a table with sand, pirate confetti, mini gold coins, a treasure map from the dollar store, spy glass and message bottle to hold the balloons.
Caleb helped to create his pirate outfit with clothes from his wardrobe and a patch and hook from the dollar store as well. : )

When the kids arrived, we took them to a table with pirate tattoos, eye patches and bandanas and they challenged each other to see how many pretzels they could transfer from one bowl to another using a pirate hook like the one Caleb is wearing on the picture above. I gave the oldest boy in the party a timer and they pretty much did this activity on their own and tooks turn very well.

Then we played "Catch the Pirate" (plain old "tag" game but we just put a fancy pirate theme name to it).

Then the boys searched for "gold" in our sandbox. I purchased a pak of 100 plastic gold coins from Oriental Trading and was not sure how the boys were going to like this but they LOVED it. They all went home with lots of precious gold! : )
Then we had the kids take turn walking the plank blindfold. They were all very brave pirates and took on the challenge!
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