June 21, 2010

Ending our first preschool season...

This is a little sad for me but Noah is definitely moving on and ready for more academic work in our school and he is officially done with preschool. Well, truth is he has been doing Kindergarten work since last February but still had hopes of another preschool year for him.

I know this probably sounds silly but I really want my boys to enjoy being little. I don't want to rush my kids into academics. With Caleb I was able to do 3 years of preschool. But for Noah just two.

At the same time, I'm so thankful for his initiative and his desire for learning and his excitement about having his own real math workbook, etc.

That's the beauty of homeschooling. We can stop or go ahead as our child needs change. So we will still be doing hands-on activities just because we all love them but Noah will join Caleb in core studies of all subjects in the fall.

The good news is...Sarah will start Tot School soon!!!

Now that she is close to 18 months I want to begin a more structure (but short) time 0f exploration and learning. And after that, she will be a preschooler! How fun! I will get to do this all over again. :)
My goal is not to go crazy buying things for her but to be creative with what we already have at home.

Still I couldn't resist to purchase her a few things to get both me and her excited, including this Lauri set. She immediately fell in love with it (I love Lauri products!) and played with it for around 15 minutes.

That's my girl!


Mrs. Mandy said...

Aww so cute thanks for visiting me in the blog walk. I see you have a friend in St. Louis. Are you originally from there? I am in the Lou and went to High School in South City.

Elinette said...

I have a dear friend who lives there. I used to live in Chicago and so it was perfect for both of us to have two big cities near and a place to stay for the weekend.