June 22, 2010

Geography with Five in a Row

This Spring I did a pretty poor job at blogging about our school time so now I will have to catch up because our fun with Five in a Row it's just too good not to blog about.

I'm just amazed at how much the kids learned this year! We completed 17 unit studies for our winter/spring school session. I'm planning to resume our school after our road trip and continue with the few volume 2 stories we have still to enjoy together.

One of the things that encouraged me the most was to see how much geography they were introduced to. We've been faithful at taking down and putting back on the story disks and every time I ask the boys to name where the story takes place and to tell me what they know about that country-region-city and they can always recall many facts about them.
Here are some pictures of our maps and list of the places we learned about with the FIAR stories.

World Map Disks: Ungava Bay-Canada, Germany, Poland, Paris-France, Venice-Italy, Madrid-Spain, England, Scotland, Egypt, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Russia, China & Japan.
US Map Disks (looking to switch to a larger one): California, Boreal Forests Regi0n, Prairie Lands, Southern States, Plantation Region, Appalachian Region, New York, Ohio and ALL the New England States.
And lastly, our Land Of Make Believe Map: because Mary Ann, Katy and Harold deserve their own "place" too. ;-)
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