June 19, 2010

A LONG Awaited Family Update

Well it's been a while since I had a chance to post a family update. May is always a busy month for us and this year June followed just as busy.
Right now, we are getting ready to begin our road trip back to St. Louis to visit my childhood friend Olga and her family and from there to Chicago to be with our family and church friends there.
I will be tweeting like I did last year from the road and posting picture of what we encountered. I have a lot of packing to get done before leaving but trusting God to keep my temper cool and the kids in harmony for the next few days left.
We also just finished a wonderful week of VBS at our church. I was blessed to be Caleb's teacher, along with 22 other 2nd graders in our class. It was a new age group for me since I usually work with preschoolers at the church but I had a great time. You can see lots of VBS pictures here. See if you can spot us! :)
We are also enjoying lots of pool time. The boys are becoming confident swimmers and I'm amazed at how much they have improved this year in their skills so we are bringing them to the pool as much as we can so they can continue to develop. Plus, we want to make good use of our association annual fee, right?
And now for our May recap....

Noah finished his very first soccer season! We are so proud of him, he was such a good team player and turned out to be really good at soccer. We can't wait for him to do it again next fall and Caleb will join once again.

He also turned 5! (sniff...sniff..).... and we celebrated it with a super fun and long expected Chuck E Cheese birthday party! He was the happiest kid that day.

Brad also had a birthday this month and we celebrated with his family here in TX (Brian, Debbie & Leia). We ate at one of our favorite sushi places Japaneiro's in Sugar Land's Town Center. And then enjoyed some outdoor family time in the town square.

Brad was also ordained as deacon in our church and we were part of a blessed time of prayer with our church's pastors and deacons. It was truly an awesome moment. There's just nothing like the prayers of the saints, together calling out to God to pour out blessing over your family. We are so humbled that he was even considered being so "young" and I'm so excited the Lord has given him this way to serve the body of Christ.
Caleb had his WAM spring musical and did a great job. He had a lot of fun and knew all the songs and motions very well. We are proud of him too!

And sweet Sarah just loved being part of all the fun and it's growing to be more independent and learning to do and say new things every day. More pixies of our princess soon.
I think you are all up to date now! Next I'll be looking back at our school semester-year. Lots of updates to share with what work, what didn't, what were our favorites things and more.

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The Unsell Family said...

Such fun pictures Eli! What a wonderful month you guys had.