June 30, 2010

Vacation Update and Traveling Games

Right now our family is on summer vacation in the beautiful Chicago! I can't believe it's been 2 years now since we moved to the Houston area.

It's so good to be back. We love living in Texas and are making really good friends there, but a big part of me still misses life in Chicago.

I'm glad this time around we took a long time to be here (19 days!) so that we can spend a lot of time with family and friends and also have a few days left to "tour" the city.

This is probably our firth time to do a road trip between the two cities but for this trip we decided to make a stop at St. Louis for a few days. We got a chance to visit their zoo which is AMAZING! Undeniably one of the top zoos in the nation and it's FREE! I also got to visit my dear friend Olga. We've been friends since childhood and it's just fun to catch up with an old friend after all these years.

I've been having internet issues but soon I'm hoping to post pictures of our trip.

So far we've seen most of the family and many beloved friends from Harvest (our church here). It was great to worship at Harvest this past weekend too. I love our church in Katy but sometimes I still miss the simplicity of the Harvest Niles service and the way people engage just unashamed to express emotions toward God and to humble themselves in prayer and praise. I'm praying our current church will grow to be this way as well.

Our driving here was a bit difficult with lots of thunderstorms and traffic but the kids did very well. We allowed time for frequent stops and of course had our DVD player and a fun pak for each kid with new simple dot to dot books, Usborne sticker books, dry erase board and of course flower, birds and rocks field guides with binoculars and magnifying glass for my nature lovers.

We also played some car games, here's two that were a hit. Feel free to try them and let me know how they went. :)

#1 Noisy Clue
Whoever starts the game chooses something on the road they can see for others to guess (just like "I Spy"). Every time that one thing appears, the player chooses a noise to make. The noise should not be obvious.
For example, if the persons thing is cows, he should not make a moo noise. But instead, can choose to make a honking noise or cough, etc.
All other players try to pay attention when the noise appears until someone can guess correctly what the object/animal was.
This was such a simple game but fun for all. We laughed a lot with the noises each person chose and with the things spied.
#2 Very Hungry
One player beings by saying "I'm so very hungry, I think I'm going to eat a ____(chooses something to eat). The next person continues by repeating the same thing the first player mentioned but adding a new item to eat. Each player will continue to say "I'm so very hungry..." and each time repeating what all other players have said (in order) and adding a new part.
Players get eliminated when they miss a part.
We also played this by adding as a requirement the items where in alphabetical order. It made it easier to remember but harder to come up with a food item.

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Heather said...

Cute game ideas. I like the "Noisy Clue" one. We used to do the animal drawing game, too. I will use some of these on our trip in August. Thanks for the reminder!