July 14, 2010

Back from Chicago and more traveling games

Well, I guess the title of this post says it all. We are back from Chicago. What a blessed time we had there! So fun to see family and friends once again. The kids did get sick the last week and we had to cancel a lot of our planned tours around the city.

I'll post some pics next week...or as soon as I'm caught up with posts. :)

On June 30 I blogged about our family road trip and shared some games that were a hit in the car (see below).

I wanted to share a few more. Forgive me for not giving sources but I've been collecting these games for some years now and others have been passed on to our family from friends.

Enjoy these and let me know if you try any of them or made up a new version of them!


In this game, each player looks along the road, tracks or....water?

Every one takes turn pointing at numbers they see anywhere (signs, posters, billboards, houses, other cars, etc.). The numbers are added together and the first person that reaches 100 wins.

For Noah (my five year old) we played it a little different. We gave him a paper (and I had one too) and we took turns writing down numbers we saw for 3 minutes (Caleb was the time keeper).

Then we counted the numbers and whoever had the highest sum won.

Split Creatures

This game was so simple and so silly!

I gave each kid a blank paper folded in half and showed them how to draw the top part of an animal on one side. (You can also have them draw it first and then fold the paper).

I told them not to draw the legs (or bottom part).

Then they turned the paper around so no one sees what they drew and switch papers with each other.

Now they were to draw the bottom of any animal they can think of and decorate it (spots for giraffe, stripes for zebra, etc.).

Then open the papers to see their silly creatures. :)

Bigger or Smaller Challenge

The first player stars with...."oh how I wish I was a ________. (And mentions an animal name. )

The next person continues with...."but I wish I could be a __________. (This time, the player has to mention an animal that is smaller.

Continue in the same manner, but each time the animal has to be of smaller size.

Continue the game until someone can't think of an animal any more. This was so simple as well but it kept my voice busy laughing and trying hard to remember smaller or bigger animals.

You can do it again, this time try with bigger animals.

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Laura O said...

I love the game ideas for traveling. When I was younger and we moved cross-country, I remember doing similiar things. But, it is easy to forget how simple car games can be.

Welcome on board the TOS Crew!

FM Laura