July 09, 2010

Introducing Weekly Blog Walk

I'm so looking forward to begin writing reviews for the TOS Homeschool Crew! There are over 100 reviewers for this upcoming school year and I'm excited to get to know other moms and find some great blogs to follow.

One of the things I love about the homeschooling world is that we are always looking to help each other and so, we've come up with a weekly Blog walk, in which we will highlight 10 crew blogs and get them some more traffic and exposure.

I'm a bit behind on getting started but will catch up very quickly.

So follow me every week as we visit 10 new blogs. Feel free to click on these links and even leave an encouraging comment for these hard working moms that will be taking the time to try and review products all year long. ;)

Here are the first 10:


Sheri said...

I was way behind too-just bit the bullet and did all 40 in one long sitting! Glad you are on the crew this year! Looking forward to reading your reviews and getting to know ya.

The Unsell Family said...

I'm glad we are on the crew together Eli!

Angela said...

I am on your mini crew with Sheri, it is so nice to meet you! Can't wait to get started this year reviewing great products.


Anonymous said...

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