August 30, 2010

Peterson Directed Handwriting (TOS Review)

Today I officially set sail with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew!

Our first review is the

I had the privilege to receive e-books for 3 different stages of printing (for K-2).

I also was part of a live webinar with Rand Nelson who took the time to explain their objectives with this curriculum and also gave us ideas to implement it with in our homes. This session was helpful and it was evident that this company truly takes the time to make sure the parents and teachers understand and the children can succeed in their handwriting.

What makes this product different from other handwriting programs?

Peterson places a big emphasis on developing fluency and smooth writing by using rhythmic motion and visual feedback. I'll admit that when I first heard these terms they made no sense to me. But after listening to Rand explain it and trying it with Noah (our 5 year old) at home I was very impressed with this technique!

We are using Print-Step 1 "We Write to Read" for Kindergarten. The individual license for this e-book is $19.95

The child learns action words for each letter stroke and by learning these actions, he is not just "seeing" the lines and dots on a paper but understands direction, shape, size, etc.

The program is very multi sensory. It includes the action words for each letter stroke that the child will chant or say out loud every time, using rhythm. This will help improve his writing fluency. The strokes are indicated in different colors on the paper.

The four basic steps for each stroke are:

*Describing the letters

*Air writing the letters with correct pencil grip

*Finger tracing the letters (no pencil tracing on this program)

*Write and say (the child always chants the action words when writing)

Here is one page Noah did of letter "N" during our first time to try write and say practice. I asked him to write on the first line the way he had previously learned it, then on the second line to use the Peterson way. I'm not trying to confuse him but just wanted to show you all the difference.

Not bad for a leftie, right? :) He already knew how to write the letter but definitely the bottom line is so clear and more consistent. (Not sure why the third letter is always the worst).

Chanting the actions helps to create a mental pattern that becomes automatic and that will help him write faster and better.

Mastering paper position and good pencil grip is also emphasized on this program.

So what do I think about it?

Overall, we are enjoying this program and will continue to use it to master the strokes for each letter and number.

I like the PDF format allows me to print repeated pages as needed. Something you don't get with other programs.

I think this program does require more parent/child instructional time than others but to me is not a negative if it's going to help him write well.

If you have a child that struggles with handwriting, you should consider this program. It might take some time for him and you to get used to these concepts but I think it will be a good investment considering the price is very reasonable.

Where do I purchase or get more information about Peterson Directed Handwriting?

To learn more about the methodology behind this program go here. There are many great documents on this page.

To preview this curriculum go here.

For ordering go here.

To read what other TOS Crew Members are saying about it go here.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this curriculum to try at home and give an honest review here. I received no other compensation for it.


Sheri said...

Very nice! I see the photobucket pic didn't come thru-you may want to just copy a pic from the site and put it up-sometimes the PB doesn't work right. HTH
Nice first review Ely!

Elinette said...

Thanks Sheri. I'm slowly learning how to do all of this.

Linda said...

Great review Eli!