August 29, 2010

Sarah's Tot School-19 months

Last week I didn't get around blogging about Sarah's Tot School but here we are for this week!
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This past week, Sarah played once again transferring animal counters, but this time I gave her little cups to fill in. She enjoyed this activity but it ended up being very messy afterwards so I don't we will be using those little cups for a some time. :)
We tried 2 new ideas that I borrowed from the Tot School archives. One was making noise makers with plastic bottles. I made one with assorted beans and the other with rice colored with red food coloring.
I turned on the music and let her dance and shake to the beat. :)

The other idea we got from the Tot School archive was dropping Q-tips into the parmesan container through the holes. This one kept her busy for over 30 minutes and yes, afterwards she had fun dumping them all over the floor but she was ready to help me clean up too.

I also let her try a little bit of play-doh after Noah was done using it. I set it up on a play table but she kept pointing to the floor so I let her try it. She was mostly curious about "feeling" the play-doh.
So there you have it. Another great week. I can't wait to see what we will try next.

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Mrs. Taffy said...

OH good job! She's so adorable!