August 08, 2010

TOT School

Tot School

This is my first official post for Sarah's TOT School!

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Sarah is now 18 months and I want to be more diligent about including her in our everyday learning and taking some time to teach her some simple skills, instead of always sending her away to her toys.

This week I pulled out our Leapfrog Alphabet Magnets and taught her how to inset and push the letters to make the sounds.
She enjoyed this very much and danced to the abc song for a very long time.

Later I laid these "tools" on our kitchen floor at just let her explore.

She right away started to transfer the pom-poms into the tall cups (courtesy of McDonald's!).

After about 15 minutes of playing this way I pulled out an ice cream scooper and showed her how to scoop the balls into the cups and after a few tries.... instant hit activity for her.

Of course, her big buddies couldn't help to join the fun. :)

I also pulled out her Lauri shape sorter. I noticed the she likes this activity but all the little pieces end up all round the floor so I gave her an empty container to put them back when she was done. This was a fun way to teach her to put things away when done but also it made the activity last longer.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh good job! She's just precious! I see we have some the of the same "tot toys!"

Terra said...

She is just too cute! I've been wanting to get that Lauri shape sorter. May just have to get one now that I see that a little one actually likes it. I love the picture of her squatting to scoop the pompons.

Kristen said...

Looks like she is having a ball with the scoop and pom poms!

melanie. said...

looks like a great first week posting up!

Fiona said...

aaaaaw so cute! The Mc Donalds cup is almost as big as her!!

ToKnowHim said...

Hi, I'm Lisa C. from the Crew and I'm catching up on blog walking. This is a great blog! I've been using Before Five in a Row with my littlest guy, too.

This is a great blog! I am following you on Google friend.

Lisa C. from the Crew

Elinette said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments. We had a fun week and I'm so happy to see her doing age appropiate learning and loving it.

The Unsell Family said...

Very sweet pictures!