September 17, 2010

I Did My Chores!

Last summer at our local homeschool convention, as I was walking by the vendor hall, I noticed one of the tables had a very long line of moms waiting to pay for something. They all had this orange box in their hands so I went closer to see what was all that fuss about.
The product was a chores system called "I did my chores!"
I must say I am not a fan of most chore systems out there. I think most are overpriced, plus we are a very spontaneous family and so any system that requires for us to follow a rigid schedule just won't work for us.
I always joke I need a chore system that reminds me to fill out my kids' chore system. And after 3 failed attempts at implementing a chores system in our home I had no desire to try a new one but then I heard the man at the booth talk about why this one is easy and effective and two minutes later I was joining the long line of moms to with two orange boxes in my arms. :)
We've been using these charts for a few months now and I'm so pleased with them. The system includes a chart with 5 pegs sections for different parts of the day. They are color coded which makes easy for mom and child where each card goes.
All I had to do was decide on the chores and hang them. The kids come to the chart during the day and as they complete their tasks they move their cards to the "I did it" box.
At the end of the day the boys get tokens for the cards they completed. We use this laminated large sheet of paper to rewards they can save-earn with the tokens. They place their tokens inside plastic tubes that makes it easy and fun for them to see what they are saving for.

This has been good for us to reinforce making wise choices and learning about spending and saving as well. One of my boys was using all his tokens daily and the other was not using them at all. He was so afraid of loosing all his tokens. After a week he realized he WAS getting new tokens daily and now he is happy with the chart too. So funny how they can be so different.

You can learn more about the product at their site.

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Denise said...

I am like you- I am the one who needs reminding when it comes to the chores! I hate the complicated systems- this one looks simple. I will have to check it out- thanks for sharing.