September 19, 2010

Tot School- Tot Books

Well it's been a couple of weeks since we last shared our Tot School adventures.
Sarah is loving books these days. She already has her favorites and asks constantly for us to read them to her over and over again.
I'm grateful to see this important habit growing in her life. After 3 toddlers I'm pleased to share my top pics for the 18 months thru 24 months age group.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
by Bill Martin, Eric Carle
A classic and a must! Introduces rhyme, colors and animals.
Goodnight, Gorilla
by Peggy Rathmann
Funny and engaging. Very few words but great for observation and understanding the flow of a story. Learning new animals and introducing the zoo.
Hush! A Thai Lullaby
by Minfong Ho
A new take on lullaby books. This one is set in Thailand and also introduces new animals and the little baby who is "sleeping" is fun to spot on each page.
Eating the Alphabet
by Lois Ehlert
Super delicious way to introduce little ones to the alphabet and learn vocabulary and recognizing fruits and vegetables.
Ten, Nine, Eight
by Molly Bang
Counting down our way to bedtime is so sweet with this book.
Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy
by Sandra Boynton
So irresistible to touch the pages on this silly book.
Fiddle I Fee
by Santiago Cohen
A well known rhyme/song with a twist. The illustrations are in bold colors and the sounds the animals make hilarious.
This Little Chick
by John Lawrence
One of the BEST books for a one year old! Beautiful rhyme, fun illustrations and a great book to learn animal sounds.
Have You Seen My Duckling?
and Silly Little Goose
by Nancy Tarufi
I love all her books. The silly ducks and goose and these stories will have your little ones smiling and pointing at the pages.
Goodnight Moon
by Margaret Wise Brown
What book list for little ones is complete without this book?
This is Sarah's current favorite. Her favorite part is to say "hush" when the "quiet old lady" appears.
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Jessica said...

Goodnight, Gorilla is one of our favorites!

There is so much too look for in that how the balloon is on (nearly) every page. I love that.

Our Family said...

What a wonderful list- lots of those are our favorites too! :)
I enjoyed reading your profile! It is so exciting to see how God brings us places we never would have imagined. He is so good & I am glad you are sharing that with your kids! :)

Drea said...

These sound wonderful, we'll have to check them out!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

What a great list! Thank you so much for sharing!

Visiting from Tot School! Have a great week!

Elinette said...

Thanks you ladies for your comments. There are so many great books out there but all of my kids have LOVED these titles.

Jessica, I wrote a mini-unit on Goodnight, Gorilla for Homeschoolshare. :)

Beth Anne said...

Thanks for the list, some great books I will have to make sure we read soon!

Our Country Road said...

Thank you for the list! Sadly, I've only read 3 of them. I think I will have to work on getting the others.