October 22, 2010

Little Reader by Brill Kids (TOS Review)

Brill Kids' ABC Little Reader is a learning software system to teach your baby and young child to read....wait....did you say baby to read?? Yes, this is a proven method that can teach a young baby as early as 6 months to recognize words.
You can see for yourself babies who have learned to read by checking out these amazing video testimonials from their website.
By doing a five minute lesson once or twice a day your baby/child will be reading words in a short time.
The method used on this learning system includes:
  • rapidly flashing words and images on the screen (working the right brain)
  • multi sensory approach (actions words invite child to participate and videos,images and sounds are used)
  • Intuitive Pattern Phonics (where child recognizes repeated word patterns)

Lessons are always changing and growing with your child so he will be exposed to many different voices, sounds and videos of the same word.

The software we received included a one year (two semesters) format that if used in the way it was designed it will expose the child to over 3,000 words.

This video will give you a quick tour of the complete system.

So what did WE think about this program?

Our 21 month old truly enjoyed watching the words and pictures flash on the screen. After a few weeks of using it, she started repeating many of the words on the screen. We have not been as diligent as recommended but will probably continue to use it on and off.

I like the concept behind this program but currently it's not the route I want to take with her. I believe this method can be very effective and can be a huge help for parents who would like to give their kids and early start in reading. Just have not decided I want to start teaching her reading just yet.

The software is also very easy to use and it has a lot of neat features like being fully customizable from videos, voices, pictures and words. The company also offers free add-ons to the program that are available through their website. There's also a forum for parent support and for sharing ideas and experiences with the program.

If this is something that you would like to try with your kids, I recommend you visit their website at Brill Kids and read more about the methodology behind this learning system.

The downloadable version is going to be available through their site very soon but for now you can take a free trial of the software here.

You can purchase the software ABC Little Reader for $149.00 and that includes the software, binders, program guide, schedules, customizable flash cards, storybooks and more.

To read what other families are saying about ABC Little Reader check out the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: I received this software free of charge for the purpose of trying at home and writing an honest review. No other compensation was received.

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