March 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

My blog has received an award for "Stylish Blogger". How exciting!

Thank you, Marcy!

She is the super homeschool mom who gave me the award and you can read about her homeschooling adventures with her son Ben over at Ben and Me.

In order to receive the awards I must....

#1 Thank the person who gave it to me and link back to her blog. (check)

#2 Share 7 things about me. (just 7?....I'll try to keep it short)

#3 Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (you gotta pass the love, right?)

#4 Contact them and tell them about the award.

Seven Things About Me

Well, since I have many new followers this will give you a chance to get to know me.

1. I was born in Puerto Rico, the youngest in my family. Moved to Chicago at 19. And then to Houston area almost 3 years ago. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to come to the "mainland" USA to do ministry here. Never thought I would end up making it a permanent residence.

2. I love working with children. Besides homeschooling my children, I teach music (choir) for preschoolers at church and also teach two music classes at our homeschooling co-op.

3. Before staying at home full time I worked with corporate housing and real estate development. I worked as a resident liaison and got to meet and interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. It was a fun job and very unique opportunity to learn about other cultures while helping families assimilate to the American lifestyle.

4. At church, I have the privilege to lead worship for our Sunday services and women's events from time to time. It is a joy and very humbling experience to serve the Lord this way. And to see the hearts of His body turning toward Him in adoration. It always makes me think of heaven and the multitude of people that will gather there around the throne of Jesus to worship Him forever. It is also a great accountability tool. When your gifts are public, your character must follow along.

5. I love laughter! We have a lot of fun around our home and with family and friends. I try not to take life too seriously, unless it has eternal consequences. ;-)

6. I love cooking and learning to make new dishes. Loved trying new cuisines too. Unfortunately, I have not done very good at self-control when it comes to eating the last 3 years. So I've asked a few friends to keep me accountable and I'm praying this will be the year I go back to healthier lifestyle and loose 25 pounds by August!

7. I have a list of 8-9 "dream jobs". All self-employed big ideas. I hope at least one of them comes true one day. :)

And now for the 15 new recipients of this award....

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Sterling said...

Ely, you are so special to me. I love you so much and love learn so much from you. Love you girl and I will see you soon. *Kiss*

The Closet Therapist said...

Thanks Eli for the Stylish Blogger Award! I liked reading your list. :)



Misty said...

I JUST saw this!! :) Sorry I didn't participate, I've been horrible at keeping up with reading blogs (and writing my own)! :) tax season will be over one day!