April 04, 2011

Go Go Kabongo (TOS Review)

If you are looking for a fun way to work on your child's pre-reading skills, you need to take a look at Go Go Kabongo.

Kabongo, is an online education game that follows a cognitive approach to learning and helps children ages 4-7 boost their pre-reading skills abilities like...

  • memorization

  • attention and focus

  • visual scanning

  • successive processing

  • phonics

  • and many more...

There are 3 habitats, on which kids play a variety of games to practice these skills. They are rewarded and encourage though their program. The students progress through 6 levels of learning for each game.

We are all about developing thinking skills in our kids so I was very eager to try this program. At first, the program looked a little simple but I have to say it then became challenging as the kids get better at it.

The boys had a blast playing the games and even Caleb who is already reading well benefited from reviewing some of these skills and was even challenged with some of the story comprehension games.

One thing I loved about this resources is the Progress Report, which is available in detail through their website but also a simpler version of it is emailed to the parent.It's great to read what your children are learning and how they are making progress thought the different levels. The reports give you also a good idea on what areas your kids need more practice. They are also very informative to the parent of a pre-reading child because it explains well how each of these skills will play a part later on in reading. The best part of this resource is that you can start using it for FREE today. One of their habitats is free and for a limited time you can get two habitats for free. The other habitat is only $4.95.

Disclaimer: I received access to this resource free of charge for the purpose of trying at home and writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.

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Christi Brown said...

I am going to let Ellie try this one! Jackson might even like it too!