June 25, 2011

First Class Homeschool Ministries

We recently completed our first year of "Friday School" with a local First Class Homeschool Ministries Coop. It was one of the greatest blessings for our family this year. The boys had a chance to be part of a more structured classroom environment where they learned and made new friends. Some of the classes they took included: Music, P.E., Community Helpers, Lego Robotics, Space, Art, Health and Hands-On Math. Sarah also got to be part of the program and enjoy toddler classes with storytime, simple crafts and games.

Being a Coop, the parents (and grandparents) have a very important role. We help teach or assist classes, monitor hallways and help in other ways like setting up and cleaning up. We all play an important part and help each other carry the load.

A typical day at First Class includes: chapel time, 3 blocks of classes, snack time and closing session. All moms get a free block to interact in the parent room, make new friends and share encouragement. Our coop also offers regular park dates, field trips and moms night out.

What I love the most about First Class...

~It is an answer to prayer! I first heard about First Class from Steve and Jane Lambert at the Five in a Row message boards. They spoke very highly of the founders of First Class and after reading through their website I loved their vision for homeschooling families. There were talks about starting a group like this in Illinois but during that time we were making our way down to Texas. After trying 3 different local support groups, I still did not find one that was the right fit for us. Some were non-sectarians, others did not offer classes, others put too much emphasis on academics and most were too expensive for our one income family.

~First Class is affordable and effective, I definitely love that!

~It gives my children the opportunity to have wholesome socialization while enjoy wonderful classes that enrich their learning at home.

~I've made some wonderful friendships with the moms and have come to know and love a very diverse group of women. It is encouraging to see how we are growing in love for each other, serving one another in our times of need and encouraging one another as home educators.

~It is a place to use and grow your gifts and abilities. Some moms are naturally better at teaching a subject or are great at organizing activities or recruiting people or at leading the chapel time, etc. We all bless each other with what the Lord has entrusted to us.

~We get to decide what we want our children to learn. I love that because I do like to be in control of what my kids are learning and at First Class we share classes ideas before each semester starts.

~We meet 8-10 weeks per semester. That is perfect for us. It is enough to be enjoyed and not overload the kids or the moms. :)

First Class is a national organization and you can read more about it at their website.

And if you area Houston area, our coop meets at Copperfield Church on Fridays in the fall and spring. Check out our website for more information.

We also have an upcoming Information Meeting for families who would like to learn more about the coop on

Friday, July 22nd, 7pm at Copperfield Church in Houston

More information will be posted on our website.

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Jaycee said...

This blog wonderfully describes what First Class is. When we joined we wanted a place that allowed my children to take a few courses outside of the home for a fraction of the price yet not sacrifice quality. My girls also wanted a place they could attend weekly that fostered an environment ripe for Christ-centered friendships. First-Class has far exceeded what we where looking for. God truly answered prayers with the forming of this cooperative. My girls have made beautiful friendships and so did Mom! What a perk. I love to see all of the moms rally to raise funds for adoptions, help with Babysitting needs, provide meals for one another in times if need, gifting items to one another to meet needs, gather for joyous fellowship, and lift one another in prayer. I am blown away at how God has and continues to work through First Class. I can not wait to see what He has in store for First Class and the beautiful families that are a part of it. My family is eagerly awaiting the start of the Fall semester and serving alongside our first class family.

Michelle said...

You did such a great job writing this! We enjoyed our first semester of FC and we cannot wait for it to start for the fall! :)

Elinette said...

Thanks ladies.

Michelle, looking forward to get to know you better. I'm glad you had a great semester. I love your sweet spirit.

Janet, so blessed to know you and serve with you in this ministry. :)

Ellen said...

I love, love, love our First Class co-op!!! We have truly been blessed this past school year from this homeschooling ministry. All of my boys are ready to start back at co-op. They ask often when they get to go again!

Elinette said...

Thanks Ellen. It's been wonderful to meet you and your beautiful family and serve each other through this group. And yes, my boys can't wait to start again.

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