June 25, 2011

Curriculum Choices: Fun Extras

Our curriculum choices are not complete until we add some "fun extras" to the mix. This year our extras came in a box from Timberdoodle. The kids were playing in the cul-de-sac when the UPS truck showed up (have I ever told you he knows us by name?.....that's for another post.....we do keep him quite busy). The boys knew it was for them so asked if they could open the box right away. I was planning on hiding till the school year began but couldn't resist so here's the picture of the box opened in the cul-de-sac and yes, one of my boys was already playing with his Thinking Putty (see top left corner of picture?).

So here are the fun extras....

For Caleb: Magnets kit (that we will use this summer)

For Noah: Glow in the dark and Metallic Thinking Putty (this has been great to help him concentrate on his school work)

For both boys: GeoPuzzles (we ordered Europe, Asia, Africa & Middle East)

For Sarah: Lauri's Uppercase and Lowercase ABC Puzzles

What fun extras are you adding to your school for next year?

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themarlatts said...

We have been working the Asia GeoPuzzle about once a week since we are still on our Asia unit. My boys LOVE it and I am amazed how many of the countries they have already learned.

They continually bring me the Europe puzzle and beg to do it! :)

Elinette said...

How fun, Laura!