June 14, 2011

History Pockets= Ancient Civilizations

Well we are officially enjoying a short break before we begin our summer school weeks. I'm planning to wrap up our year sharing some of the fun things we did that I never got around to post here. I will also share our plans for the next school year...SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! Can't wait to share it so stay tuned...

One resource we used to supplement and to add more hands-on learning for my Kindergartner was Evan Moor's "History Pockets". I previously blogged about our very first "pockets" about Life In Plymouth. You can see that post here.

Our next unit was "Ancient Civilization". It was a very simple introduction how people lived long, long ago.

There civilizations are Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and Aztec. There is also an additional pocket titled "What is history" that covers what makes something ancient and talks about how many of the early civilizations had many things in common.

Each pocket includes vocabulary (words to know), a booklet (2nd grade reading level), additional background information sheet for teacher, puppets of people of the time and a variety of hands-on projects.

Here are some pictures of Caleb's pockets and some of the projects for "Mesopotamia".

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Ruth said...

We did ancient history pockets too and loved it!