June 22, 2011

Our Very First Box Day!

Yesterday, I posted we will begin using Sonlight for our Core in the fall. Well, there is a tradition among Sonlighters to celebrate "Box Day". It is simply a day to celebrate your upcoming school year and enjoy looking through all the new materials and 'wet' your kids' appetite for what they will learn.

You can see and read other families box days at Sonlight's Blog.

Here is our first Box Day...

Our Sonlight Core B box arrived a few weeks ago. Just about 10 days after I ordered! And shipping was FREE! I told the kids that morning that the box would be here in the morning but unfortunately it arrived during nap time which means both younger kids were sleeping. Caleb was with me and of course, I couldn't make him wait till his siblings wake up so he had a "personalized box day".

He helped me opened the box, handed me the big blue binder on top (instructor's guide) and said "Here mom, this is one is for you" and immediately started looking through the books. Here is a picture inside our box half-way full.

The first book that truly got his attention was "The Usborne Time Traveler". So much so that he could not get himself to sit down, instead THIS is how he read it for the next 10 minutes.....

...I love my little bookworm! He did switched legs every 2-3 minutes. I think this picture makes a pretty memorable first box day. And I think he is going LOVE Sonlight!

I am reading through the Instructor's Guide and many of the books and I'm already so impressed with the quality of literature selected. Yesterday, I shared how I was a little concerned with the already given schedule but I see now the schedule is so well laid out that you can easily follow or easily tweak....hard to explain but I think you can effectively use it both ways.

Very, very excited about this curriculum and so thankful that I have the privilege to teach my kids at home.

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Katrina and Bill said...

Yay! How fun! This is the core we're getting, and it's inspiring to see your son so into it. I hope to get the same reaction over here. Have a wonderful year!!

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