February 18, 2011

Kid's Scoop: Reluctant Reader Solution (TOS Review)

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew I received a wonderful supplementary resource called "Reluctant Reader Solution" by Kid Scoop. You can learn more about this company by visiting Kid Scoop's Online Site.

I think the company very accurately describes the product when they say "a full year of fun-filled pencil grabbing activities that turn frustration into fun!"

Reluctant Reader Solution is a downloadable folder with 365 activity worksheets that will help your struggling readers. The sheets are grouped into 5-7 pages thematic mini informative newsletters. Covering a variety of topic such as sports, fitness, American history, national holidays, famous personalities, animals, creativity at home, body science and so much more.

Types of activities included in these fun sheets are: reading to decipher clues or secret messages or to solves puzzles, crosswords, new vocabulary words, helpful writing topic starters, mind puzzles and using other printed sources such as newspaper, dictionary and magazines.

This product also includes a guide for educators and parents on how to incorporate the worksheets to their curriculum, as well as suggested schedules to work on the sheets chronologically or by theme.

When you purchase Reluctant Reader Solution you also receive access to a monthly full color online newsletters for even more fun activities.

The price for this great resource is a one time payment of $97 for a full year worth of fun sheets. The company offers an unconditional money back guarantee if you try this product and your child is does not start enjoying reading or reading more.

You can learn more about this product and purchase by visiting at their online shop.

So what did my kids thought of this product? As I said in the beginning, these worksheets are definitely fun and the boys looked forward to them every time. I am not a big fan of loading our kids with workbooks and worksheets but these ones I really like because they are very purposeful and the kids are not only getting extra practice on their reading and writing but they are truly learning new concepts, new vocabulary and new skills.
These sheets can be a great educational "add on" to any homeschool coop, after school program and of course parents and teachers will love these too.
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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge for the purpose of trying at home and writing an honest review. No other compensation was received.

February 11, 2011

The Curiosity Files (TOS Review)

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a copy of the new learning series "The Curiosity Files" by The Old Schoolhouse. This is a series of unit studies for the 8-13 year old range that provides an opportunity to learn in depth about a specific animal and or wonder of nature, while integrating a variety of subjects.

The units are in a pdf format which I love because I get to print what I need for each day.
There are 9 units published so far and we got a chance to study all about "Quicksand".

With this unit we talked about the physics of it a liquid? or a solid? This was a fascinating starting point for the boys. We tried great experiments that covered surface tension, vicocity and even made our own quicksand goo!
For geography we covered and labeled in maps the places where quicksand can form. We also had fun with sand art.
This unit also gave us many conversation topics from what to do if we get stuck in quicksand to why is quicksand a good analogy for our spiritual life and how it is used throughout the Bible.
Everything is beautiful laid out and illustrated and many great printouts are included as well. There are also list of books and online links to enhance the learning and lapbook booklets to record what they learned. This is definitely a study you can use for multiple children at multiple levels.
If you want to learn more about this series visit the Old Schoolhouse Store. There you can see all the titles available and even take a peek inside each unit.
The price for Quicksand and the other Curiosity Files Units is only $6.95!! That is a very reasonable price considering all that you get and all the fun you will have using this unit.
To read what other families are saying about "The Curiosity Files" visit the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this product free of charge for the purpose of using at home and writing an honest review. No other compensation was received.
**NOTE: I have great pictures of our fun and learning with this unit but I'm having difficulty with photo uploads. I will add pictures as soon as I can solve is on the way!

February 07, 2011

DNG's George Washington

Did you know that George Washington before being General and President was a farmer and a land surveyor? Did you know he valued penmanship? Did you know he loved ice cream? Did you now his birthday was the first federal holiday to honor an American?

With DNG's "George Washington" unit study by Amanda Bennett, you and your kids will get to know this great American hero while having lots of fun and making memories.

Following a hands-on approach and integrating a variety of subjects, this unit study geared for grades k-4 will help your children understand why George Washington is remembered and honored to this day.

The unit is divided into five main learning objectives...

Day 1 Who Was George Washington

Day 2 People and Places in George Washington's life

Day 3 The Accomplishments of George Washington

Day 4 Lessons to Learn From George Washington

Day 5 Remembering George Washington

These objectives are just the starting point. A variety of subjects are integrated into the learning each day. Geography, creative writing, art, drawing, vocabulary, spelling, history and character lessons are some of the areas covered.

As in previous DNG units we've enjoyed at home, I appreciate the easy to use format of this unit. Everything is laid out in a way that is very "mom friendly". There is an extensive list of book suggestions, as well as links to videos and other resources online to enhance the learning. As a parent and teaches I love that I don't have to spend hours doing research, all the hard work is done for you.

There are also two ways to records your student's learning: the notebooking pages and the lapbook components. These are ready to print and use with clear instructions on how to incorporate them to your study and beautiful images and clip art on them . Family fun ideas include games, cooking, crafts and much more.

One of my favorite things in this unit was the journaling pages provided for each day of study. Following George Washington's example kids are encourage to do a daily journal entry with age appropriate topics.
George Washington offers so many lessons on character building. You and your children will have many opportunities to talk about what "character" means and what is leadership, integrity, diligence, honesty, perseverance, bravery and sacrifice.
The price for this unit is $7.95. And it's available to purchase at Amanda Bennett's online store.
You can take a peek inside this unit with these sample pages.
You can also read what other reviewers thought of this unit at the George Washington Blog Tour.
To learn more about Download and Go and Amanda Bennett by visiting their site.

Disclaimer: I received this unit free of charge for the purpose of trying at home and writing an honest review. I received no other compensation for it.